Beyond Consulting: A Partner in Transformation.

Our theory of change is the multiplier effect. It is based on the economic notion of positive spillovers from favorable change to the financial position of targeted beneficiaries.

This spillover effect is a reflection of the success of the consultancy within the broader local economy in which the micro-enterprises are located. This is illustrated through the changing financial position of micro-enterprise founders we work with and their direct and indirect dependents within the local economy.


We discover ideas, clients, and promising businesses within a pool of diverse creative collaborators


We define the needs of each environment by establishing the needs of the particular business eco-system we are working in


We design solutions based on the platform business model


We develop critical solutions based on the blue-oceans strategy for our clients and partners


We deploy smart solutions and results-based approaches that enhance the value of our work


We deliver outputs that enhance the outcomes that build legacies for our clients

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